Goal Setting

We believe that clients set their own goals, so we start by listening. It is our responsibility to help educate our clients in the investment process and to assist them in defining, quantifying, and prioritizing their goals.

Investment Strategy

We will create an asset allocation strategy that we believe fits your situation, including your tolerance for risk. This should take into account things like cash flow requirements and tax constraints. Our goal is to create an investment strategy that you can be comfortable with for the long term.


We use a blend of carefully selected investments in an attempt to strategically diversify your portfolio and align it with your objectives. We seek to minimize the cost and risk of transition with disciplined, systematic investing.

Staying on Track

Many investors find that mapping out a plan is the easy part. We believe that sticking with that plan is what separates successful investors from speculators and that your financial goals – not stock market gyrations – should dictate your investment activity. We regularly review your investment objectives in an effort to keep your allocation strategy aligned with your life cycle changes.

Remember, your goals are what count. You should keep them firmly in mind when making financial decisions.


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