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Frequently Asked Questions

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How long has ICR been in business?

ICR began serving clients in April of 2006.

What is the primary business of your firm?

Our only business is to provide discretionary asset management to our clients.

Do you provide any services other than asset management?

We provide a number of additional services for our clients including, but not limited to, retirement income planning, charitable planning, and college savings; however, we do not charge for these additional services. Our only compensation comes from asset management, but we want to add value for our clients wherever we can.

How much does the initial meeting cost?

There is no charge for an initial meeting or any subsequent meetings. If you’re willing to make time in your schedule to meet with us, then we’re happy to do the same for you.

Do you have a minimum account size?

We generally require that prospective clients have at least $100,000 to invest.

How are you compensated?

The only compensation we receive is a quarterly fee for our investment advisory services. We do not earn any commissions from trading activity in our clients’ accounts, nor do we receive compensation from investment managers, mutual funds, or custodians for recommending them.

What is your historical performance?

Each of our clients has a unique portfolio specific to their objectives, making traditional composite performance metrics inapplicable.

Who has custody of my assets?

Our clients open an account at a brokerage firm (which is unaffiliated with ICR) that serves as the custodian of the assets. The custodian provides safekeeping of assets and brokerage services. This provides a system of checks and balances among ICR, our clients, and the custodian.

How do I access my money?

We place a high emphasis on liquidity. Our philosophy is that it’s your money and you should always be able to access it. For that reason, we avoid investment products with surrender penalties or extended lock-up periods. Generally, securities we recommend can be sold during market hours and the proceeds will be available within days. It should be noted, however, that the mutual funds we use are generally designed to be long-term investments and, as such, those funds may charge a short-term redemption fee for securities held less than 90 days.

What if I decide down the road that this relationship isn’t right for me?

We make an effort to only accept clients who we feel would be a good fit for our services. Occasionally, however, circumstances change and it becomes necessary to part ways. A client can simply let us know that he or she does not require our services any longer. Likewise, we reserve the right to inform the client if we would no longer like to provide those services. When that happens, we simply de-link our firm from the client’s account. We do not charge any fees or penalties for terminating the advisor-client relationship.

Who is a typical client of ICR?

Our clients tend to be corporate executives, healthcare and education professionals, business owners, and affluent retirees. They are a diverse group in many ways, but our clients share one common trait: they recognize that prudent investing is a serious responsibility. Our clients have chosen to outsource that responsibility to us because they want to devote their time to other activities and they recognize the benefit of professional guidance.

Why is it important that ICR holds itself out as a fiduciary?

As a fiduciary we must act for the benefit of our clients, to the exclusion of any contrary interest. That means we put our clients’ interest ahead of our own. While not every advisor accepts that level of responsibility, we embrace it. ‘Fiduciary’ comes from the Latin word for ‘trust,’ and we recognize that to earn our clients’ trust, we have to demonstrate our commitment to their financial success.

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